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Company name: CIMEX INVEST s.r.o.
Registered business address: Prague 4, Na Pankráci 1062/58, Post Code: 140 00
Services: accommodation services
accounting consulting, bookkeeping
real estate
specialized retail
data processing, database services, network administration
trade intermediation
business, financial, organizational and economic consulting
administrative management services and administrative and organizational economic services for individuals and legal entities
provision of software, hardware and software consulting
capital construction engineering
Registered capital: CZK 2,000,000
Foundation date: 30 June 2004
File number: C 159592 registered with the Municipality Court in Prague
Company ID No.: 27159868
Registration day: 30 June 2004


The CIMEX GROUP would like to notify our business partners that the data entered into the Commercial Register on June 13, 2017 do not comply with the legal status of below listed entities. Mr. Viktor Chlup is not a statutory body/authorized legal agent/ and hence is not authorized to negotiate and / or legally undertake any activities on behalf of below listed entities. Similarly, the legal entity Philomena s.r.o. is not a member of below listed entities and is not entitled to hold any ownership interest in below listed entities and / or act on their behalf and in their name.

List of entities:
CIMEX INVEST s.r.o., OREA HOTELS s.r.o., C – ATRIUM HOUSE s.r.o., PHL – SANTON s.r.o., PREMOT Františkovy Lázně s.r.o., Areál Plzeň s.r.o., VYŠEHRAD GARDEN s.r.o., AHG HOSPITALITY s.r.o., PHL – BROADWAY s.r.o., PHL – Hotels s.r.o., HOTEL ZVON Mariánské Lázně s.r.o., PHL – Sklář s.r.o., PHL – Pyramida s.r.o., PHL – Praha s.r.o. a PHL – Zličín s.r.o.