The EDULIOS Investment Fund, owned and operated by the Cimex investment group from 2014 to 2021, is a credible and stable entity investing through its sub-funds in interesting real estate assets, providing its shareholders with a long-term safe and above-standard appreciation of invested funds. The real estate fund of qualified investors EDULIOS was established in 2014 with the aim of bringing to the market a new method of qualified investment based on the new legislation valid from 1 January 2014. In the first step , the EDULIOS Fund was established as a managed fund managed by an investment company from the CONSEQ group. In the second step, the form of management was changed from the EDULIOS Fund to a self-governing fund, the management of which is carried out by the fund’s statutory body, CIMEX INVEST sro

The fund of qualified investors EDULIOS from the real estate group CIMEX sold the City West B1 office building in Stodůlky, Prague, which was one of its first investments. The transaction was signed on 28 December 2018 and the new owner of the building became Patria City West Fond, managed by Patria Investment Company, which belongs to the ČSOB Group. The amount of the transaction reached EUR 69 million

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