We invite visitors from the Czech Republic and abroad to more than fifty galleries, museums, art collections and other art institutions throughout Prague. Where can you go and how can you plan your art week? Read our recommendations.


The opening ceremony of the festival takes place on Friday 9 September from 5 pm. on the piazzetta of the New Stage of the National Theatre. The organizers will welcome foreign and Czech guests to the festival, including photographer Marie Tomanová and curator and art historian Thomas Beachdel from New York, gallerist Maryna Shcherbenko and founder of the MUHI Young Artist Award from the Shcherbenko Art Center in Kiev, theorist and researcher Céline Sabari Poizat from Paris, who is researching the most contemporary tendencies of contemporary art within the Nonfiction platform, multimedia artist Bora Akinciturk originally from Turkey, currently based in London, whose exhibition will be on display in Prague during the festival, independent internationally active cultural manager Albertine Kopp, founder of the non-profit program Caribbean Art Initiative from Switzerland and others.

During the opening ceremony, 10 artists will also be announced and awarded from Artefin Gallery’s open call for the best digital artwork – NFT, which aims to support the work of progressive artists and the creation of original digital artwork. The winners in the categories of the Audience Award and the Expert Jury Award will receive a financial prize ranging from CZK 25 to 150 thousand; the winning works from the expert category will also be auctioned off during the festival week and the proceeds will be donated to charitable causes.

Highlight in the program

Among the highlights of the festival is the opportunity to see the Czech private Havrlant Art Collection for the very first time – through a group exhibition entitled
HAC #1
which, like the collection of Kateřina and Jakub Havrlant, focuses on young artists and contemporary progressive art from Central and Eastern Europe. Video art
The Lost Case
by Jindřich Chalupecký Award winner Roman Štětina, which is also part of the Havrlant Art Collection, will be screened on Saturday at the Ponrepo cinema in the presence of the artist. In Prague you can also leave a message through Federico Díaz’s experimental installation “Na Hora” or meet one of the most famous Czech photographers of today, Maria Tomanova, who will give a lecture on Tuesday 13. September afternoon together with other international guests in the Superstudio on the New Stage of the National Theatre.

It pays to visit great institutions during the festival weekend

A big attraction of the festival weekend is the opportunity to visit Prague’s newest institution dedicated to the visual arts , Kunsthalle Praha. It will provide free entry to PAW visitors on the weekend 10. – 11 September for the exhibition Midnight Art, which presents the private collection and extensive cultural activities of Karel Babíček. During week 9. – 15. September also invites you to the accompanying programmes and 14. September for an Online Talk with Nancy Davidson and Marisa Ravalli-Prihoda. Similarly, the Museum of the City of Prague, which is currently reconstructing its main building, will offer a free programme in Norbert Street and invites visitors to take a walk to see architecture in Slavíčkova Street. The New Stage of the National Theatre will also host a performance on Saturday at 3 pm. is holding a free workshop with photographer David Gaberl, which consists of an hour-long lecture followed by a photo shoot with Fujifilm cameras in the streets of Prague.

On Saturday 10. September entry for a symbolic crown. Free exhibitions and programmes throughout the festival
Biennial in The Thing of Art
organised by the GHMP together with, which explore the therapeutic relationships between gender, race, class, sexuality and geopolitics. The National Gallery Prague is offering a 50% discount on admission to all venues on Sunday 11. September and invites you to several accompanying programmes to the exhibitions MOVE: Intimacy as Defiance, Coming Soon and Zenga.

The Rudolfinum Gallery is organizing 11. September free workshop for children for the exhibition Fragilités, DOX Centre for Contemporary Art 10. September family workshop and 11. September, a guided tour of the exhibition (Ne)moc, both with free admission for visitors to PAW 22.The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague will make available free accompanying programs, including tickets to exhibitions where the accompanying programs are held, and invites those interested to a walk through Josef Sudek’s Prague. Friday to Sunday is also the last chance to visit the exhibition at MeetFactory Let me hear your footsteps and be inspired by the experiential symposium
Discovering another perception
both dedicated to new trends in art and society. Among the international guests of the symposium and PRAGUE ART WEEK 22 will be Nadim Samman, curator from the KW Institute in Berlin, and Charlotte Jarvis, an artist and lecturer who focuses on the connection between art and science.

On Sunday, festival-goers can visit a quiet courtyard in the city centre at the Hybernská Campus, where Barbara Valášková’s Blau exhibition will open at the HYB 4 D Gallery and where they can enjoy a music lounge, street food and an afterparty accompanied by DJs from the Sady kolektiv group.

Festival week from Monday 12. September to Thursday 15. September

The centre of the festival and the meeting point for guests and protagonists will be located in the so-called Superstudio in the New Stage of the National Theatre, which is located in the very heart of Prague. From there, it will be possible to embark on a variety of festival routes situated in the various districts of the city. In Prague 1 alone, visitors will find 22 venues where the festival takes place. They can start, for example, at one of the oldest and most prestigious auction houses , the Kodl Gallery, which is presenting an exhibition for the Artslimit online auction, featuring a balanced selection of works 19. and 20th century with overlaps into the contemporary work of artists such as František Drtikol, Emil Filla, Václav Špála, Karel Malich, Jiří Kars, Jiří Georg Dokoupil and Toyen. In the neighbourhood of the gallery in Topič’s salon you can visit exhibitions in Čermák Eisenkraft and 1. Art Consulting CZ. New exhibition
Marianne Pally
ETCETERA ART opens its season in the Hradební gallery and the exhibition Monochrome by the Japanese duo RYUHA can be found in the Kvalitář gallery.

The second most represented city district is Prague 7, which will come alive with openings and guided tours on Wednesday 14. September. There are several galleries where the
SUMO Prague
, an art show focused on cooperation with foreign entities. Visitors will thus be able to see exhibitions prepared in Prague in collaboration with gallerists and artists from Germany, Denmark, Greenland, Japan, France or Turkey in the case of Holešovice Shaft, which is preparing an opening and afterparty. There will also be Czech artists, such as Jiří Pitrmuc at Stone Projects, Tono Stano at Trafo Gallery and Tomáš Němec at Chemistry Gallery.

The festival also takes place in Prague 3, 5, 6 and 8, where the organizers recommend to visit several places at once according to the daily itinerary and individual routes marked on the map (on and in the programme catalogue), but also in places outside the city centre in Prague 10 or 12, where there is, for example, a rare opportunity to visit the PSN building under construction Vanguard and see the pop-up exhibition Fotograf Contemporary. The outdoor exhibition is also unique
Lukas Raise in Bastion
in Prague 2.

It is easy to move between the city districts by public transport and suburban trains can also be used, at several of their stops the m3 / Art in Space Festival takes place and in Měšice u Prahy on Sunday 11. September to visit the exhibition
and the ARTEX open day.

In addition to museums, galleries and auction houses, the festival also includes two selected art studios – Loft BubNY and Studio Prám or a new apartment gallery
where visitors will be able to meet directly with the artists on a designated day and time or by appointment.

The accompanying programme, which aims to broaden the perspective of visitors, artists and art collectors of PRAGUE ART WEEK 22, will take place in the Superstudio on the New Stage of the National Theatre. The building stands out for its unique brutalist architecture of the 1970s. years and the adjacent piazzetta of the National Theatre invites you to meet and network. The overarching theme of the lectures, masterclasses and discussions is “NET” – a theme that articulates the network of relationships and collaboration that connects the entire art sector. From Monday to Thursday, there will be a programme of lectures, debates and masterclasses on the careers of artists, the support and promotion of contemporary art, critical reflection on visual art, art investment and collecting, art conservation, and other know-how and networking in the field of culture. In addition to foreign guests, William Rudolf Lobkowicz, for example, will speak about the care and preservation of art collections in the art collecting session, where the Art+ platform will also present the first Czech survey of art collectors, which was created in cooperation with J&T Banka Art.

The program at the PAW Superstudio will be free of charge with limited capacity, those interested can register on from 1. September 2022.

Most of the festival’s exhibitions are free of charge, but in some places you need to show your festival pass or make a reservation. The organizers recommend to use the website, the printed PAW catalogue (available in partner galleries and Superstudio) or the September supplement of Art Antiques magazine.

Useful information

– Admission to most PAW 22 exhibitions and events is free. Exceptions are the large Prague exhibition institutions, Kunsthalle Praha and the Museum of the City of Prague, which provided free admission to PAW visitors on the weekend 10. – 11. 9. and free admission to their accompanying programs. Museum Kampa gives PAW visitors free admission to permanent exhibitions on the weekend 10. – 11. 9. and for tickets to their accompanying programs. All the buildings of the Prague City Gallery will be open on Saturday 10. 9th entry for 1 CZK. The exhibitions Divination from the Night Sky Partially Obscured by Clouds and Suška – Kameny / Škoda – Objects will be charged according to the normal GHMP conditions for the rest of the week. Biennial exhibitions at the Art Thing are free of charge at all times. The National Gallery Prague offers a 50% discount on admission in all buildings on Sundays 11. 9. and free admission as part of the accompanying programs to RSVP on Rudolfinum Gallery organizes 11. 9th free workshop for children, DOX Contemporary Art Centre 10. 9. family workshop a 11. 9. guided tour of the exhibition (Ne)moc, both with free admission for visitors of PAW 22, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague provides free access to the accompanying programs, including tickets to the exhibitions where the accompanying programs are held.
– Admission is payable at the Ponrepo cinema and the New Stage of the National Theatre.
– The full PAW 22 programme can be found on the website.
– Programmes in the catalogue marked with the abbreviation TBA (“to be announced”) will be updated on the website and the festival’s social networks.
– Check the availability and accessibility of the programmes on the official websites of the partner institutions or on the website.
– In the case of programs marked PASS, proof of PASS PAW 22, PAW 22 catalogue or ART ANTIQUES magazine Art Card is required.
– Please note that opening hours vary from location to location, please visit the institution’s website for an up-to-date list.
– The organisers and its programme partners reserve the right to change the programme. For the latest information, visit

– Don’t just throw away the PAW 22 catalogue! Most of the exhibitions can be found in galleries and museums for another two months, in the case of long-term exhibitions you will find them useful throughout the year and in the case of permanent exhibitions also during your next visit to Prague.

Ecology and transport:
– Move around the city with respect for the inhabitants and nature. We’ve broken the catalogue down by borough so that you can explore as many locations as possible on foot within one area. If you want to save steps, stick to our routes. Use public transport to move between districts.
– You can also use the trains to travel longer distances; the Artefin Gallery and the ARTEX complex in Měšice can be reached by a direct connection from Masaryk Station, and there are eight other train stops throughout Prague where you can find installations of the m3 / Art in Space Festival.
– Put on your pedometer and share with us how many miles you have walked in search of art and what routes you have discovered and recorded between PAW 22 sites.

– Superstudio PAW is open only until 22:00. Visitors are therefore advised to then visit the bars we will announce on the day. We already know that we will meet on Sunday at the Hybernská Campus and on Wednesday at the Holešovice Shaft.

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