Investing in residential properties is another important activity of CIMEX GROUP. Using the “Buy it – Fix it – Sell it” style, we look for opportunities to invest in, reconstruct and sell properties. Another possible investment scenario is building a residential portfolio of rental flats; or we keep the assets. The alpha and omega of our residential housing department is collaboration with leading architecture companies and building unique properties with an emphasis on their cultural history.


An OREA Hotels & Resorts sub-brand focused on suites. The company provides both short- and long-term accommodation in luxurious private suites with all the advantages of hotel services. You can use an automatic reception, online check-in and check-out, online reservation of services and activities in the city, and underground parking. Another advantage is the combination of services with the OREA Hotels & Resorts chain.


  • Residence of Britain
  • Paradise
  • Europe complex
  • Vltavská Vyhlídka
Nahoru Dolu